'Anywhere For You'

BSB Tour Bus Experience: Bologna (22-October) to Hamburg (25-October)


What is included?

  • 3 Concert tickets - (1) for Bologna and (1) for each show in Hamburg*
  • 3 VIP Meet & Greets - (1) for Bologna and (1) for each show in Hamburg*
  • Bunk in the 'Anywhere for You' Tour Bus
  • Ride in the 'Anywhere for You' tour bus between Bologna and Hamburg
  • Exclusive merchandise experience
  • Access to the Fan green room before and after the show (until bus call)
  • 1 private hotel room in Hamburg**
  • VIP area at the official after party***

    What do I need to know?

    • Passengers are responsible for booking their own travel to Bologna and from Hamburg. You must have a valid passport and be able to travel freely between Italy and Germany.
    • We recommend arriving in Bologna the night before and planning to be at the venue for check in by 3pm the day of the show. 
    • Passengers will ride the tour bus overnight after the Bologna show
    • A hotel room in Hamburg will be booked and paid for. An itinerary with check-in information will be supplied at least 3 days prior to the show.
    • Passengers are responsible for booking their own travel home
    • All passengers MUST have proof of COVID-19 vaccination status that is current and valid for travel within Europe.
    • Before you board the bus, a rapid antigen test will be administered. You must be COVID negative to get on the bus.
    • All attendees must be 18 or older

    What is NOT included?

    • NO additional access to the band. Meet & Greet ONLY.
    • NO Backstage Access
    • NO On-Stage Access
    • Hotel before the first show (This is NOT the same hotel as the band)
    • Airfare to Bologna or from Hamburg
    • Any additional ground transportation


    *To book more than one package or multiple nights, please reach out to us at: bookings@please.co

    **Hotels booked will have no less than a 4-Star (or best available if 4-Star is not available in this city) rating per TripAdvisor.com.

    ***When and where applicable.


    PLEASE VISIT BACKSTREETBOYS.COM FOR ADDITIONAL TOUR INFO. To book more than one package or multiple nights, please reach out to us at: bookings@please.co. For more information, check out the Tour Bus Experience FAQ Page.