What is the difference between a VIP Package and VIP upgrade?

A VIP package includes a concert ticket as well as the VIP elements. A VIP upgrade includes the VIP elements only. In most cases, if you purchase a VIP upgrade, you will need to purchase a concert ticket separately. You will not be able to participate in the VIP event without a concert ticket. Upgrades sold on our site specify if you need a concert ticket or not.

When will I receive my VIP details?

VIP check-in details are emailed to the original purchaser 24-48 hours before the event date. Please make sure to check your spam folder because your email may end up there due to different inbox settings. If you have not received your check-in details by the day of your show you can find the information here.

What if I’m not able to attend my VIP event?

If you are not able to attend your VIP event, you can have someone go in your place. In cases like this, please provide the new attendee with a copy, or picture on their phone, of your photo ID as the purchaser, and a copy of the purchase receipt. With these two documents, they should have no issues with checking in.

Can I exchange or transfer my VIP purchase to another date?

VIP purchases are sold as all sales final so we do not allow transfers or exchanges. Please contact us at help@please.co for additional assistance.

When will I receive my VIP merchandise?

Most of our VIP packages include an exclusive merchandise item or bundle. There are two ways to receive your merchandise, either at the VIP event or after your show date. If you are to receive your merchandise after the show, it will be shipped to the address associated with the purchase. You will be notified the method when you receive your VIP check-in email.

Is there an age limit to participate in a VIP experience?

Our VIP experiences are sold as all ages but if the venue hosting the event has an age restriction we will need to follow their policy.

I bought a VIP Upgrade/package for myself. Can my child/friend take the photo with me(they do not have VIP)?

Unfortunately, they will not be able to be in your photo unless they have a VIP of their own.

I missed my VIP event so I was not able to pick up my merchandise. Can it be shipped?

In cases like these, the merchandise travels with the tour so we are unable to ship your merchandise if you do not pick it up. With that being said, please reach out to us at help@please.co to find out what your options may be.

What if I'm late to my VIP event? Can I still participate?

We always recommend being on time to VIP check-in since we cannot guarantee your participation in the event if you arrive later than the check-in time given to you. Our VIP Representatives, as well as the artist, are on a strict schedule and may not be able to accommodate for late arrivals.

I purchased my VIP ticket via fan to fan resale. How do I get my check-in details and merchandise?  

We do not recommend purchasing a VIP package via fan to fan resale. Package inclusions are not valid for tickets purchased via fan to fan resale. If you purchased a resale ticket, you will need to contact the original purchaser for the check-in details and merchandise as all inclusions will be sent to them.

Can I get a refund for my VIP Package?

VIP packages are sold as all sales final. Please refer to our purchase policy for more information.

Meet & Greet Special Requests

Tips for a memorable experience:

1. You may bring props (hats, sashes, flags) for your photo as long as there are no venue restrictions and the VIP Rep okays it at check-in .

2. Bring a note card with you on what you plan to say to make sure you are ready to say what you want to say. Sometimes during the excitement of the event you may forget.

3. Plan a special/creative pose.

4. Make sure you make your plans clear, our artists are generally accommodating within reason.

5. Have fun!

Can I bring something to my VIP Meet & Greet to get autographed by the artist? What about a gift to give them?

Autographs are not allowed unless it is explicitly mentioned in the package description of the VIP. You may bring a gift for the artist as long as it is unwrapped and meets the venue's guidelines. *Please note that ultimately it is up to the discretion of the VIP Representative on whether the gift will be allowed in the VIP event or not.

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